How do I change the server software of my server?

Sometimes you may find that you wish to change the server software of your server, whether it's from the vanilla server software to a plugin supporting one such as Paper or you wish to try out a few Forge mods you saw in a YouTube video. If this is the case, feel free to read on in order to learn how to switch your server software! If you need any assistance with this, please feel free to reach out to us by opening a support ticket here!

1) Download your desired server software (Spigot/Forge/Etc). Unsure where to get it? Read our other guide here regarding downloading the most common types of server software!

2) Navigate to your server's control panel and then the panel's built-in File Manager, label as "File Management" under the Server Management section.

3) Click on the upload button towards the top right of the page.

4) In the new window that appears, navigate to where you save the desired server software jar file you downloaded and double click on it to upload it.

5) Wait for the jar file to upload, the page will refresh when it is completed.

6) Navigate to the Startup Parameter sub-page of the panel, which is under the Server Configuration section.

7) In the Server Jar File text box, replace the existing jar file name with the name of the server software jar file you just uploaded, be sure to include the ".jar" extension.

8) That's it, Go ahead and head back to your server's console and click the start button to start your server!


If your server starts without any issue, great! However if you run into any errors, please feel free to check out out the common issues with server software switching below, you may also open a support ticket with us at any time for more assistance here.


Common issues when changing your server software

Issue: Incompatible java version (Usually indicated by an "Unsupported class version" or similar error).
Solution: Click here to open a support ticket with our Support Department and request your server's java version be changed, please specify what version of Minecraft you're attempting to run so we may set the proper java version.

Issue: "Unable to access jarfile" error
Solution: Make sure you specified the correct server jar file name under the startup parameters section of the panel. If you did, then your server's jar file is likely corrupted, attempt to re-upload it and try again. Open a support ticket if you're still unable to start your server.


Click here to open a support ticket with our Support Department and request additional help with changing your server's server software.

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