How do I get additional ports for my server?

You may find yourself needing additional ports allocated to your server in order for some plugins to function properly, such as Votifier and Dynmap. Since by default servers are provisioned with the main port only, you'll need to allocate an additional port to your server. If you have the dedicated IP add-on, you'll be able to request any non-reserved port.

First you'll want to navigate to the Hypercube panel for your server and locate the Network tab towards the bottom left of the page, under server configuration.

Then you'll want to click on the blue "New Allocation" button toward the right of the page

You will then be given a choice of either a random 4 or 6 digit port, if you have the dedicated ip add-on you will also see the default ports for popular plugins and have the ability to set a custom non-reserved port.

Success! If you have any issues with allocating an additional port to your server, please open a support ticket with us here. :)

Click here to open a support ticket with our Support Department to request assistance.

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