How do I restore or download a backup of my server?

We take automatic backups at 12:00 and 0:00 on the timezone of each server's location. The last 7 days of them are always saved and stored safely in our end.

However, backups are currently not accessible for customers directly. In the event that you need to retrieve any data from one of these automatic backups, you can do so by simply opening a ticket in our client area. (

Please make sure to include the following information in your ticket:

- Files and/or directories that you need restored.
- What date/time + timezone you want them from? (we will use the closest snapshot before that date/time)
- Do you need your current files to be replaced with the restored files, or would you prefer a zip file with the restored files on it?

Important: Please make sure to login to the client area before trying to submit a ticket, as the technical support department is only visible for customers.

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